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In a popular encyclopedia is under the subject "Westerwälder" just said "primitive tribe in a mountain area". Well, this is true, of course, but this is not enough to know about these strange people living in the heart of europe. Therefore I have started in october 1995 to collect and publish uncensored facts about my weird race.
Where is the Westerwald? Does the geography explain the weird behaviour of the people there?
A short discription of the woodman with a special focus on the subject of mating.
(german language only at the moment)
Is there at least a primitive kind of culture in the Westerwald? Are there rituals, customs or traditions? What does the woodman eat and drink?
(german language only at the moment)
Is it possible to travel to the westerwald? Does any insurance company cover the risks of such an expedition? Will I be eaten alive and what spices should I bring for such an evenent?
(german language only at the moment)
Business and technics
A very short passage, as it is to cold in the Westerwakd to do anything but drink alcoholic beverages.
(german language only at the moment)
Some people do not like my honest and fact based picture of the Westerwaldd and the people living there. They have published different information.
(german language only at the moment)

A few woodman and woodwomen had success to leave the sad, dark wasteland. My guestbook shows that they can be breeded outside the Westerwald.
(german language only at the moment)

Hantarex has a westerwald webcam that shows the hard, cruel live in one of the most unreal regions of the world. Before entering you should get the telephone number of your therapist.

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