Where is the westerwald? If your roots are not in the westerwald - which is very unlikely as you can read more than two letters - then you wont hardly know where this strange land is. Way back when we learned in school even a little more than where the axis of evil is, at least a few people had heard that the westerwald is located in the middle of germany. It is surrounded by the four rivers Rhine, Lahn, Sieg and Dill. If you travel rather by car than by ship (which got more and more popular in the last hundred years), then let me tell you, the westerwald is the place where you get your ticket for speeding, when driving from Cologne to Frankfurt on the autobahn A3. Geography with Quaddels

Still no idea? Heard about that europe thing? No? Okay, just forget what I talked about, but make it absolutely sure that you never get there. Very, very weird place.

Westerwald - in the heart of europe Westerwald in germany

The german goverment had plans to build a big wall around the Westerwald, just to end the bloody fights of the woodmen (aka "Westerwälder") with the tribes living next to the westerwald (mostly "Siegerländer"). This plan never suceeded, as the united nations had the hope that the Westerwälder might extinct the mostly anoying tribe of Siegerländer.Well we are working on it...

The woodpeople tried several times to conquer the country of Switzerland, but they never succeded. They did not bring enough coins for the swiss toll stations.
To forget these emberrasing moments in a long, boring and foggy history, the people in the westerwald simply defined an area of their home to be the "Kroppacher Schweiz" (Kroppacher Switzerland). This decision is known as the most impressive moment in a long, boring and foggy history. This "colony" of the westerwald - they did not mind that they had always owned this piece of land - is home of the Kloster Marienstatt. This convent is the last effort of the christian religion to bring their message to the unique tribe of the Westerwälder.

The Westerwald is divided in two parts, the "Hoher Westerwald" (upper Westerwald) and the "Kannebäckerland" (which is impossible to translate into any language). The people in the Kannebäckerland are acting so strange that it is a waste of time to spend more time with this region than a quick laugh. Instead we will focus on the weird behaviour of the people in the upper westerwald, where the lovely little village Norken is located.


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