Time is precious, therefore I like to waste it...

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Es It took me very very long, was extremely hard and expensive, but after two degrees from the university I can now nearly read and write. It is still a tough job to me, but these books (only in german at the moment) were worth this tremendous effort.

worlds 8th wonder

As the seven wonders of the world from ancient times have been torn down to give room for Starbuck coffee shops, supermarkets and public toilets, I have decided that I will build a now monument that shows the power of art, engineering and science: I am crocheting a quilt, big enough to cover Long Island...


Since Oli gave me back in 1994 my first access to the internet I spent a little part of my life in this virtual reality. As I donīt like to hang around there at the places of other people, I constructed a little cyberhome, my homepage.

on stage

Way back in the eightees of the last century I heard an astonishing piece of art. It was the radio play Lassie -die Wunderheidschnucke (only in german at the moment), performed by the incredible Rodgau Monotones.I wrote down what my poor old brain had kept of the story and we performed it quite often in some broadway theatres.

financial mathematics

It is hard to believe, but there are same parts in real life, where mathematical theory mighty help you. For example in financial mathematics. Of course there are some examples in my cyber home..

Die Maus

On every sunday, 11:30 AM, it is the time of the Sendung mit der Maus. Some people keep saying that this a program for children, but I really don't think so. This is the place where you learn the important facts about life: how is a bell made, how does a nuclear power station work or when are random walks on trees transient. Highly recommended!!!!
YIPPIEH!!!! In february 2001 I flew to the headquarter of my employ SimCorp in Copenhagen, Danmark. And on that very flight I was in the Lufthansa plane "Flensburg", which is the only plane with a huge "Maus"-sticker! The construction of this plane was shown in all details in the "Maus" Thanx, SimCorp.


"You can check out, but you can never leave", thats what is said in "Hotel California". I have no idea what this song is about, but I am trying to build my own small world that is as close as possible to these lyrics. Therefore I have founded the alumni-mathe-frankfurt-Homepage. It is a place for the former students of the department of mathematics at university Frankfurt.


Despite I visited the grave of Jimi Hendrix in Seatle, I can not play guitar. Actually I don't even know how to get that thing out of the bag. Yes, that is sad.
As I had similar problems with all other musical instruments, I have to listen to music that other people (or the computers of other people) made. Besides my countless tapes there are some CDs that I mixed.


I am not sure if it is something in my genes or still a consequence of my adolescence in the Westerwald. Anyway, I like to go out and have a drink or twelve. There are some researchers trying to explain my strange behavior, but until they have published some papers you can try to do some research yourself, as you get my list of recommended bars in frankfurt.


[diese Seite in Deutsch]

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