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Barhopping with mightymueller through the nightlife in Frankfurt am Main. Which Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Inns and Pubs should you see? Here is my very personal list of highly recommended places. The city maps as pdf-files are taken from www.rmv.de.

Perfect mixture of students place and restaurant. Prices are reasonable. They offer different wine-tastings that you should try. In the back part is a little "living room" with a nice couch and some bookshelfs. Real men take the "Westerwälder Basaltfeuer" which will be served burning.
Florastr.24,  60487 Frankfurt, Tel.: (069) 702555, Homepage
Bockenheim, side street of Grempstrasse, Close to Cafe Diesseits and Stattcafe. Map

chalet 18
Little, tiny, scenic french restaurant (run by a nice turkish guy) with excellent french cuisine, good wines and perfect service. A real diamond! You have to make a reservation as there are just a few tables.

Grempstrasse 18,  60487 Frankfurt,
Bockenheim, Clsoe to Cafe Diesseits and Stattcafe . Map

an sibin
Scenic irish Pub in an old basement. Irish beer, irish food live bands on a regular basis. On some evenings takes a Jam-Session place, so be sure to bring your fiddle.
Wallstr.9,  60594 Frankfurt, (069) 6032159
Sachsenhausen, Close to bus stop Affentorplatz . Map

The place itself is rather mediocre, despite the "german" food is really good. In the summertime there is a marvelous "Biergarten" in the back of the place and this is really a very special insider tip.
Jordanstr.3,  60486 Frankfurt
Bockenheim, close to the university, next to Cafe Bauer . Map

Delicious food, variety of dishes, nice place, in the summertime they have a "Biergarten". Unfortunately I had two times trouble with the service.
Mainzer Landstr.374,  60326 Frankfurt, (069) 73998035
Gallusviertel, next to Burger-King. Map

doctor flotte
This kicks ass! You should only go to this place if you are a real grown up like a cowboy, sailor or any other hero. Extremely comfortable opening hours from 6 AM to 2 AM. Good, basic food. Guests are a mixture of students, bricklayers, business people, regular alcoholics and Bukowkski fans.
Gräfstr.87, 60487 Frankfurt, Tel.: (069) 704595
Bockenheim, at Bockenheimer Warte, at the start of Leipziger Strasse. Map

Nice, small place with quite a few students. Some small dishes for very reasonable prices (around 5 Euro). Important sport events like soccer, boxing, car races will be shown as they have pay TV.
Jordanstr.13,  60486 Frankfurt, (069) 776400, Homepage
Bockenheim, close to the university and Cafe Bauer. Map

bockenheimer weinkontor
Just Wine! (they don't sell beer). Nice place in the basement with a good variety of german and international wines. Often crowded. Instead of chairs you sit on empty wine crates.
Schloßstr.92,  60486 Frankfurt, (069) 702031
Bockenheim, next to the police station at Schlossstrasse, Close to S-Bahnstopp "Westbahnhof" . Map  

Mexican style cocktail bar. Happy hour (half price for all cocktails) before 8 PM and half price for all margarithas between 11 PM and midnight. Mexican food and a incredible variety of liquors It is always very crowded (making a reservation sounds like a good idea) and the ratio of (good looking) women is definitely above the average.
Kiesstrasse 36,  60487 Frankfurt, Homepage
Bockenheim, close to Bockenheimer Warte, close to Cafe Albatross, Volkswirtschaft and Doc Flotte. Map

cafe activ
A very special Cafe that offers various (mostly free) activities like regular meetings to speak foreign languages (english, french, spanish, italian) or round tables of people who are new in town. Very nice, beautiful place with extremely friendly service. You should try the hot chocolate with chilies!
Basaltstrasse 13a,  60487 Frankfurt, Tel.: 069 / 70798788, Homepage
Bockenheim, Close to U-Bahn Leipziger Strasse, close to Abendmahl and Stattcafe. Map


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