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For you, the beloved visitor of my humble homepage I made the impossible possible! The first person who sends me the right solution to the riddle described below might be the owner of the big price. Incredible? Yes that's what I am!

How to win:

There are quiet a number of blue marked links on the pages of my virtual home. If you follow these links you will come to new pages. There you will find again links that you can follow. By this way you can wander through my homepage. On some pages you will numbers. Write down all these numbers. In the next step follow all underlined links (until you end up in dead end) and note again all numbers. When you are done with this, then you are alreade pretty close to win the price. In the last step add up all the numbers you found. Send the result to me via Email and with a little luck, you might be the happy winner! Good Luck!

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